Barry Wire6 months ago

I take writing, “recreational writing” if I may say, as a way of putting yourself out there. I have never really been outgoing on that front. As such, it is very difficult. For me, there is nothing scarier than a blank page that has to be filled with words coming from my head about myself and about personal encounters that I have had.

My friends have been telling me that I have my way with words and analogies that I come up with. They want me to write more. I don’t want this, and neither does gold want the heat of the furnace.

It is therefore with good reason that I have decided to write and let you people into my mind albeit anonymously. I intend to write about the various “lenses” through which I view life and I’m viewed through. Some might make sense, others not so much. All I ask is that you give it 5 minutes. (I’ll write about this soon before the end of the week actually.)

However, I’m afraid that if there is anyone among you that has been endowed with a slightly higher level of intellect, you can easily decipher who this is and who my friends are. Please, keep these ideas to yourself.

I hope you enjoy them enough to tell a friend about these stories and are not appalled enough to stay away for more than a fortnight.